I’ve been asked how to start a blog like this one. I’m sure there are lots of options, but here’s why I landed at Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe it will work for you, too.

I didn’t know much about web sites when I started. Wealthy Affiliate has step-by-step training that walks you through the entire process. There is a 5-level course with 10 lessons in each level, and by the end of the first level you already have a very nice blog going. Frequently I go back to these lessons when I need a refresher.

It is free to get up and running with a fully functional blog. There is also a premium membership that gives you access to a whole lot more, including the ability use your own domain name (like mine, https://messianictorahportion.com). You can choose and register your domain at WA, so you don’t have to go to somewhere like Go Daddy and then try to properly configure it to come back to your host. WA takes care of it all, including hosting email addresses for your domain. It’s really a one-stop shop. And there are tons of trainings and thousands of members online who will help you when you have a problem or don’t know what to do.

Of course, as the name suggests, most members and their blog sites are geared toward making money online. You can do that, but you don’t have to. I’ve received a few referral fees on some of the resource items I have listed, which helps to pay for the sites. I am a premium member because I wanted my own domains, and having them hosted here is a pretty good value, especially considering all the resources and support. But you don’t have to do that either – you can do a lot for free.

So here is what I recommend you do if you want to get started blogging. Go to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for free. You will have access to all of the premium features and training for 7 days, and you will receive an offer for your first month of premium membership, which has all of the training features, for $19. At the end of the 7 days, do that as well, and during that month complete as much of the training as you possibly can. Then, if you don’t want to continue as a premium member at the regular rate, just cancel. What you learn in five weeks is worth the $19 first month membership. You can continue with a free membership or you can take what you learn and use it anywhere.

So that’s how I do it. Click on the box below to go to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for free.